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It's time to get started on the Kusari network! Please check out our recommended list for getting started.

Brand new to blockchain?

For brand-new learners of Blockchain technology:

  • The Blockchain Fundamentals MOOC cours is a great introduction to start familiarizing yourself with blockchain concepts such as cryptography and networks, and how these play into things like decentralization and cryptocurrency.


This is recommended for users with backgrounds of all levels, and the course is free!

Brand new to Kusari?

For brand-new learners of Kusari, check-out:

  • Reading the Kusari Overview page
  • Reading our articles on Medium
  • Creating a Kusari Account
  • Using Kusari endpoints
  • Claiming Kusari KSI coins
  • Running a Validator on Kusari
  • Staking as a Nominator on Kusari

Developing on Kusari?

For developers who want to leverage on Kusari's unique advantages, please visit:

Written by Masterdubs & Petar